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Why gated communities need long range RFID

Why gated communities need long range RFID

As much as we would love to live in, and dream about living in an idyllic world where we’re all safe at all times, it’s simply not our reality. The reality is that sometimes, people hurt people, and that is why we take the security of our homes excessively seriously. People who have the resources are able to find that security in neighborhoods that are restricted to the general public, also known as gated communities. 

People in these gated communities feel safe, however, an aspect of these communities that some people are wary about is the entree control of vehicles. It has been increasingly easier for intruders to sneak into the gated communities. Fortunately, the solution is quite clear: long range RFID. Find out more about what this solution has to offer in entree control of vehicles and how it can make gated communities feel safer. 


Clarifying what long range RFID is and does

Long range RFID is a system that specifically helps track and identify objects. For the tracking of vehicles, the purpose of the long range RFID is strictly for entree control in secured areas. Including factors such as range, compatibility, and user-friendliness is what makes this technology distinctive for a system that automatically identifies vehicles. 

The way this technology works for entree control is by attaching an RFID tag onto the vehicle that contains that vehicle’s personal identification number. A long range RFID reader will then be installed onto the exits/entrances of the gated community, when the tag is close enough, the reader will send a radio signal to the tag which is returned with the ID number of the vehicle. That information will then be sent to a central database where the vehicle can be granted entree if the reader doesn’t recognize a vehicle entree will not be permitted.


Get premium safety with long range RFID

Everyone deserves to feel safe in their own homes, it is a basic human right. With this long range RFID technology system, that safety is granted even more so to people who are living in communities that are gated. This system will leave members of these communities to feel more comfortable in the sense that anyone who is not permitted to enter their neighborhood won’t have an easy time trying to get in because they won’t be able to.