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Why Odyssey Attribution relies on Google Analytics

What if there were a better way to extract data from Google Analytics? We have the answer. Odyssey Attribution is able to extract data from Google Analytics, so you don’t have to install any additional tracking to your website. It can also extract data from Google Analytics and have your account ready in 24 hours. Odyssey tracking doesn’t happen, it is completely based on your Google Analytics data. 


An attribution tool is a complicated beast. For Odyssey, the first step is to collect data on customer journeys. To start, we analyze every transaction ID. This can be seen as the end of any customer’s journey and its unique contribution to their overall experience. After the customer makes a purchase, we look back to see what led up to that transaction. The source of these sessions lets us know how the customer came in contact with you (i.e. Facebook, Google Paid Searches, or an affiliate). The key is using visitor ID as the identifier of these datapoints so they are connected automatically. Furthermore, if you want to visualize this data gained from multi touch attribution, Salesforce Datorama can be used as a perfect integration with Odyssey


Google Analytics 360 can help you pull data from BigQuery. Odyssey is looking for an external database to collect and process your data. All your data is exported by Google and stored in BigQuery. This means that Odyssey does not need to change anything in your current Google Analytics or BigQuery setup. All we need is access. When using the free version of Google Analytics, Odyssey can collect the data you need with just Read & Analyze access to your account. That means installation is easy. All we need is access to your Google account. We won’t make any changes to your Google Analytics account, we’ll just use your API to collect the data you need. When you sign up with Odyssey, we collect data from your website. Then, we run a daily analysis of the collected data and store the daily averages for a period of time. If you’re not using GA360, the raw data will be deleted after a specified amount of time.