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What to expect from Madden 18 in June’s EA Play?

Last week we could all see the Madden NFL 18 ad trailer and we can not be more excited about it. In this trailer we could see some changes, such as an improvement in graphics, more polished gameplay (by using the Frostbite engine) and we could also notice that there may be a story mode similar to that of FIFA 17.


The E3 is just around the corner. In case you did not know, E3 is the largest and most important electronics and technology fair in the world. In that event, game developers congregate to make the most important announcements in this field and many other producers such as EA make their own events within the fair, such as EA Play, where EA has promised that we will be able to see To Madden NFL 18 in action, we can play it and we will know the preliminary details of this new delivery.


Remember that EA Play last year was the first place where we could see Madden NFL 17 in action and we could play. Attendees at the fair had the opportunity to try various game modes and even record it for our YouTube channels; and we are sure that will happen. So take it for granted that we are going to have you covered with all the important facts and news of the game.


EA Play will take place June 10-12 at the Hollywood Palladium. However, there will be live broadcasts as usual for those who can not attend the event. You can follow it from YouTube or wait to see our coverage right here. We will have all the details and the best exclusives on FIFA 18, MADDEN 18 and much, but much more! The madden nfl 17 coins are also important for players to play, which can help you to enjoy the games.