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The benefits of blogging as free advertising

Getting traffic to come to your online business isn’t hard. By using the right content consistently, your audience will take the desired action. Blogging is popular in online marketing because it’s fairly easy and most platforms allow text and visuals. Blog posts can also be corrected in real-time as well as shared on various social media accounts. This is why many businesses use blogging as a form of free advertising with much success.

Choosing the right blog voice

Since this is an engagement tool, it helps to use a tone your visitors are familiar with. For instance, a food seller should use words that make the mouth water in their posts. This is more effective than simply saying something tastes good. When you make relatable content, first-time visitors will convert into buyers.

However, keep in mind that your voice should be authentic and conversational. At one time, buzzwords, popular keywords, and filler words were used heavily to drive sales but proved ineffective in the long run. Blogs used as free advertising should deliver something that visitors can use when they first arrive at the site.

Making the best of content

When creating a blog post, adding important information to the first paragraph normally piques enough interest for visitors to click automatically. An opening paragraph may address a common issue, share an intriguing fact or something about the business that makes it unique. Since the first paragraph is what’s visible on search engine results, the first 100 hundred words should be something of genuine interest.

While some businesses like to use visuals to enhance the text, it’s best to use popular keywords responsibly. One good rule of thumb when writing blog posts is to ensure that each paragraph ties to the previous one. Some amateur wordsmiths sometimes feel obligated to keep up with a word count or the minimal use of keyword phrases. By keeping things simple when you begin the blogging process, you’ll find a comfortable rhythm eventually.

Directory websites that offer the use of blog posts as free advertising shouldn’t be overlooked. This is a convenient way to introduce your business to a new audience and get noticed in search engines. Before completing a company profile, it helps to select several strong keywords that describe your business. If you offer local services, don’t forget to mention the cities you serve as well in your blog posts and profile.