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Purchase a dog collar set for a stylish walk around the block!

Are you a proud and modern dog owner, looking for a webshop that offers durable and stylish dog accessories, such as a dog collar set, so you can soon walk your dog most stylishly and sustainably? Then you have come to the right place. Approved by Fritz is a beautiful New York City-based brand, offering a wide range of dog lifestyle items that were made with utmost love and care in eco-friendly circumstances, with the use of various sustainable materials. The dog essentials have characteristic designs that were inspired by the bright color combinations that dominate the streets and urban sights of New York City. A colorful, durable, and modern brand: Approved by Fritz brings sustainable dog essentials to your doorstep.

A dog essential that is both aesthetic and practical

A dog collar set is one of the pet lifestyle items that the sustainable brand offers. The set comes in various color combinations, such as lilac and grey, pink and red, yellow and orange, and pink and yellow. When you decide to purchase a dog collar set in any preferred color, you are assured of buying a dog essential that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing. It is a real must-have item from every modern-day dog owner, that cares for the planet as much as he or she cares for his or her pet! What do you want your dog collar set to look like? Do you want a leash and collar that match in color? Or are you ready to be a bit more creative and do you want to combine a leash and collar that have clashing colors? The choice is all yours!


Shop your favorite dog essentials

Whether you would like to purchase a dog collar set or another item from the assortment: with the pet essentials that Approved by Fritz offers, you and your dog will treat the pavements like a catwalk! Do you have any questions about the dog items or would you like to learn more about the company itself? Please get in touch to learn more.