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How to spend the day in Edinburgh

How to spend the day in Edinburgh

The capital of Scotland, Edinburgh, is an incredibly beautiful and nicely known city. If you are visiting for the day, consider yourself lucky! Edinburgh has so much to offer you as a visitor and you will most definitely be in awe your entire time being there. The most popular city in the UK is undoubtedly London, England. 

However, if you are visiting London for the day we guarantee that everyone will tell you that one day is not enough if you want to see a good deal of it. But Edinburg is perfect in that sense, because you can for sure see all the best parts of it all in one day. If Edinburgh is one thing, it’s a walkable city, and this will come in handy for you with the list we have of fun things to do while spending your day there. Don’t forget to book your day use hotel Edinburgh so you have a place where your belongings can safely stay while you explore.

Catch the sunrise!

Start your day off right by catching the beautiful Scottish sunrise. One of the best places to do this would be Calton Hill, which is a viewpoint in the city which you can get to pretty easily. You will have a full-on 360 degree view of the stunning city of Edinburgh. There is also a cafe at this viewpoint so you won’t have to miss or pack a breakfast beforehand. Calton Hill is the best area to see the sunrise as well as the sunset, so keep that in mind when you find other tourists or locals also doing the same thing.

Check out the Princes Street Gardens

The Princes Street Gardens are located in, you guessed it, Princes street. The gardens are technically two public parks so you will have no problem strolling through them. Have a nice relaxing walk through the gardens and take the time to smell (and look at) the beautiful flower displays as well as the tiered gardens and even the nifty monuments.

Visit the Edinburgh Castle

If there is a castle in the city you are visiting, the number one travel rule is to visit that castle. Whether you enjoy history or not, it’s simply iconic to see it in person. Right on top of Castle Rock, Edinburgh Castle stands proudly overlooking the city. If you are interested in history, the castle played quite a big role in Scottish history which you can learn all about in the multiple exhibitions. You can even go inside! There are weapons, armor, and jewels that you can marvel at as well as learn about.