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How does a sculptor make a stainless steel work of art?

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How does an artist make a stainless steel work of art?

Stainless steel art commissions, free work or garden statues

Making free work (making artworks without commission) is very fun for a stainless steel artist, but also risky. Investments must be made in materials and time. That only pays off if the statue is also sold. That is why it is a nice challenge to work on an art assignment. Usually there is a certain wish or reason for a work of art. The place is often already known: at home in the garden (garden image), at the entrance of the company or as a gift or award.But an art is not necessarily less free than Free Work to make. It is as Goethe said at the time: In der Beschränkung zeigt sich erst der Meister .  


Stainless steel sculpture designs

To be able to make a sculpture you need a design. to be. For an artist-sculptor it often starts with a sketch. That could even be a scratch on the corner of a napkin or newspaper. If you feel that this has the potential to evolve into a beautiful stainless steel work of art, the next step comes.


Stainless steel art sculptures – small models

You try to make a 3D model of the sketch as well as possible. This can be done in the computer with a 3D program. It often works faster (and more fun) to just make it from cardboard, wax or wood. Feeling the material in your hands gives a dimension that 3D programs do not have. 3D programs, on the other hand, can display the weather very realistically, as if the sculpture or art statue was already made of stainless steel.So it almost always starts with a number of sketches that end up in small scale models made of cardboard. Then I first make a mock- up or prototype of cheap sculpting material such as wax, clay, cardboard or wood for most stainless steel art statues or stainless steel sculptures . 


Stainless Steel Sculptures Mock-up

When I like the model or the 3D impression , I work the design of the stainless steel art statue in full size from cheap sculpture materials. With this, simple adjustments can be made to the art image. The design for the full-size stainless steel sculpture immediately shows whether the proportions are correct. I also see if the size is correct. The stainless steel sculpture should not look too small or too big .


Perform stainless steel sculpture

For stainless steel art or stainless steel sculptures you can work with various metal processing techniques. The most important thing is that the shape is correct. Once that shape and proportions are in order after adjustments, you can start working with peace of mind. Then it is cutting, rolling, tapping, setting, bending and / or welding to get the stainless steel into the correct shape. The materials I work with are mainly stainless steel sheet metal and stainless steel profiles (pipes and tubes)


Finish stainless steel art

The skin of the stainless steel art statues and sculptures is given a beautiful and appropriate finish. The images can be ground smooth and then polished to a high gloss. The sculpture then shines like a mirror. Sometimes I consciously make parts of the stainless steel sculptures and art sculptures dull or matt. The contrast in the shiny parts gives the art object tension and makes the work of art fascinate. A finish such as directionless sanded or brushed stainless steel can also go well with a beautiful sculpture or art image.

Quality stainless steel sculptures

A beautiful statue must stay beautiful . That is why I use the highest quality stainless steel for art sculptures made of stainless steel. That is quality 316 (stainless steel 316) . That is the stainless steel type that is used for expensive seaworthy yachts. The stainless steel sculptures therefore also remain beautiful outside. Stainless steel works of art are suitable for indoors ( home or office ), but also for outside in the garden (garden image) or in public space.




View stainless steel art

Besides on the internet my stainless steel sculptures can also be found in various sculpture gardens and art galleries. If you want to visit it, it is best to make an appointment in advance and inquire whether the stainless steel sculpture or art statue you want to see is also on display.


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