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False Link Building Myths That New Store Owners Fall for

Adding links to professional websites to your content can be a sign of support for Google. The more support your site gets, the more honest and authentic your e-commerce business becomes. One of the functions of SEO professionals is building links and removing existing link errors. However, there are several mistakes e-commerce business owners make in their link-building operations.

To rank well on Google, you need quality links. Believing the wrong link-building myths can affect your ranking on Google negatively. This article will describe some common web link-building myths that new store owners fall for.


Purchasing Links

One of the lousy link-building practices new store owners fall for is buying and selling backlinks. This may sound shocking because virtually all SEO professionals have bought links in their careers. However, search engines will not differentiate the naturally earned links from the paid ones. But some patterns or clues can indicate foul play in the search engine’s algorithms.

If you get caught purchasing links, it can seriously affect your website’s rank. It is better to avoid buying links because the risk involved will not justify the result.


Getting High Link Velocity

Unfortunately, it is impossible to build links rapidly. Most search engines, especially Google, penalize websites with high link velocity. When you started building websites, blog audiences were relatively low, and backlinks were few. However, with time, the backlinks to your site will increase. This is the natural way of building links.

On the other hand, if you excessively manipulate the backlinks pointing to your website, the search will detect that you’re getting high link velocity to your dropshipping site. Even though the links are legit, you’ll be penalized if there are too many and unnatural. So try your best to maintain the logical link-building strategy.


Ignoring Links from Irrelevant Niches

Some websites might send a follow-back link to your website. It implies that they’re intentionally or unintentionally telling the search engines that your e-commerce is part of them. This puts your website in a bad place, especially in the eyes of search crawlers. Your website is getting attached to a porn website. So how can you defend yourself? Disallow links from irrelevant websites or niches that might affect your brand’s reputation.

There are also free backlink checkers like Ahrefs that can check for no-follow and do-follow backlinks. Use these websites to your advantage.


Spamming Backlinks

One way of spamming backlinks is when plenty of links point to your website within a short time. Anchor text overload is another wrong link-building myth new store owners fall for that is considered spamming. Anchor text is used when you want to tell the search engine and users what your website is about.

Anchor text overload occurs when you use the exact keywords every time you create a backlink. This might trigger the search engine to think you’re playing smart, and eventually, you’ll get penalized. So, ensure you change the structure of the linking keywords in the content.


Focusing on Quantity Instead of Quality

Most search engines love a website with few but high-quality backlinks rather than a website with plenty of but low-quality backlinks. If you ignore the authenticity of the backlinks and focus on the number of links you get in a week or more, search engines will recognize it as shady link building or spamming.

Marcus Taylor conducted an experiment. He sent about 10,000 links to an experimental website that ranks number one for a particular keyword. After some time, the website dropped drastically, and you can’t even find it on the first pages of searches. It means you must devise a link-building strategy that’ll work for a long time.


Final Thoughts

Link building for e-commerce can be very stressful and tactical, especially when your site’s ranking in search engines depends on it. Do not be discouraged. You only need to know the mistakes to avoid and the right backlink generator to use. Shoplazza can help you generate quality backlinks effectively. Use it to your advantage!


(Contributed by Ayotomiwa Omotosho & Hermes Fang)