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Create your own book by counting on these services

To create your very own book, you may need some professional help. Especially when it’s the first time you take this risk, and you get a little overwhelmed by the idea. Did you always want to become a published author, but do you have no idea where to start? Then you can count on the services of Speak Your Own Book to help you with the whole process. They offer quite a bit of helpful services, and based on your needs you can easily choose one.

What services do they offer?

The first service you may need is a 100% free consultation. This is where you tell them the idea you came up with and would like to turn into a book. Maybe you want to write about your big passion, or you want to write a great fantasy book. Whatever idea it is that you have, this team of professional writers can help you put all these ideas on paper and turn them into a book. You speak, and they turn it into a concrete plan of action. After the free consultation, you’re welcome for a brainstorming session. This is an interview with one of the book coaches who takes all of your ideas and uses the question guide to customize it to your own subject, audience, genre, and so on. This interview will become the final outline you will use to create your own book. If you’re still stuck after the brainstorming session, you can go back for a guided speak-writing session. This is a series of questions that the team will develop to ask you about each chapter. That can help to find the direction you want to go in with your book.

Get a head start

These few services offer you a start when you want to create your own book and you need some help. Even if you hate writing but you have a story you really want to tell, this team can help you. The book coaches will guide you every step of the way and the only thing you have to do is telling them all of your ideas. Interested? Contact them for more information about their services on www.speakyourownbook.com