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Being a Psychic

What Does It Mean To Be Psychic?

A definition that we could use to slightly touch on the vast array of subjects within the occult would be to describe a Psychic person as one who is able to transcend any physical barrier, such as smell, touch, and sight. One who is extremely sensitive to sensory matters of our physical world. When tapping into your psychic abilities, you feel things on a very deep and emotional level. It is sort of like a spectrum on which one can find oneself and the more sensitive one is to sensory stimuli, the easier one can tap into one’s abilities.

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How To Tap Into Your Psychic Abilities

Usually, our gifts begin to surface during childhood. This is probably due to the fact that children don’t have any preconceived ideas about our world and that they would be more willing to engage in their psychic abilities.

When we grow up, however, we let go of that trust to conform to society. We are told that our physical world is substantive and that exploring anything beyond this is a waste of time. We are taught to believe only science and factual evidence. People fear what they cannot explain.

So, you may feel that you are more sensitive to sensory stimuli and that you experience unearthly things. The question now may be how you could tap into these abilities to make sense of your experiences. Here is how:

Become Familiar With Your Intuition

This may be difficult at first. You will have to re-learn things about yourself that you may have forgotten about, however, this is not completely impossible. An easy way to do this is to intentionally stay in touch with your emotions throughout the day. Take time to think about how you are feeling, and name your emotions. You can then begin to assign colours to your emotions and over time, you will associate colours with your emotions. This can then be assigned to other people intuitively as you talk with them.

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Scan Your Environment

Take notice of what is around you. Begin to look for specifics and details around the room. You can do this by either physically going around the room and taking note of different sights, sounds, and smells. Try and decipher which types of energies you feel. The more you practice this, the more alert you will be to energy shifts

Use Your Subconscious

Take some time to use your subconscious by becoming comfortable with it. When you dream, describe your dream in a notebook. See how the two realities could merge into one and how easy it is to move into your subconscious.

Some advice that I want to give, though, is that you need to look after yourself during this process. You may start to identify that you feel drained and tired during this process. This is normal as you are beginning to use your mind to decipher other-worldly phenomena. Also, finding someone who you can debrief with will make the world of difference.