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All The MUT Captains For Madden 21

It’s no secret that the most popular game mode in the Madden franchise is Ultimate Team. Now we know whom we can choose as Captain in the game, and thanks to that choice we can build a successful Ultimate Team. We all know that the captain is a key player because he can be developed up to 99 OVR.

In this article, we are going to talk about the new MUT Captains, but first, we want to look who were the preview captains on Madden. Last year we could choose between Ryan Shazier, Dallas Clark, Ty Law, and Herman Moore. And, in Madden 19, we had Ray Lewis, Michael Strahan, Jerry Rice, and Shannon Sharpe. Now this year, we have four MUT Captains:

l The halfback, Eddie George. He’s a powerful back so he is your choice if you love running the ball.

l The defensive tackle, La’Roi Glover. The big former Cowboys, it’s the safest choice as an exceptional player.

l The cornerback, Aeneas Williams. He’s a former Cardinals and Rams cornerback.

l The wide receiver, Ed McCaffrey. He was a terrific WR for the Denver Broncos and he’s the father of Christian McCaffrey.

EA Sports also announced who will be the MUT Masters Player for Madden 21. This player could be earned for our MUT roster by completing a quick Ultimate Team mission. He will be upgradeable over the course of the Ultimate Team season, and could be more powerful with the help of Madden 21 coins, which allows gamers do some improvement for him by themselves. In MUT 20, the Master Player was former NFL player Pat Tillman, know it by serving in the United States Army after leaving his football career. Sadly, he was killed during a friendly fire in Afghanistan.

For Madden 21, the MUT Masters Player will be Sam Mills a former Carolina Panthers and New Orleans Saints middle linebacker. In 1998, Mills went on to join the Panthers’ coaching staff. In 2003, he was diagnosed with intestinal cancer. He underwent chemotherapy and radiation and continued his coaching career. He passed in April 2005 at the age of 45.

The Madden series has made a long way to the 21 generation. If you need more Madden coins to loot or upgrade players, you can always buy them on MUTeamGo!