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A company that can help prevent calcium deficiency in dairy cows

Calcium deficiency in dairy cows is a common issue for farmers. This is often seen after calving, because during this period the calcium demand increases significantly. This happens because the dairy cow has to produce colostrum at this time. This problem can be reduced by using economically feasible feed additives and supplements developed and produced by Kimtec International. This company has the focus on maintaining animal health and does this by creating state of the art products.

Research and development into remedies for calcium deficiency in dairy cows

Kimtec International puts a lot of effort into the development and innovation of their products. As a result of that, they have developed high quality and field tested dairy cow supplements that help prevent calcium deficiency. All the products company has produced, are conform to the GMP+ and HACCP regulations. Therefore, they can always guarantee the quality of their products.

What is milk fever and how can you prevent it?

When a dairy cow is producing this large amount of colostrum, it can cause milk fever. This is a severe calcium deficiency within 24 hours. When you want to prevent milk fever, use the products of Kimtec International. They make high quality products that consists of potent and palatable anionic salts, which are developed especially to prevent the calcium deficiency in dairy cows after calving. The anionic salts help restore the calcium level in dairy cows and therefore help the prevention of milk fever. Simply add the anionic salt supplements to the regular cow provender and the dairy cows will retain health again in a short amount of time. Do you want to know more about Kimtec International and everything else they have to offer? Just contact them for further information. These experts will be more than happy to answer all the questions you have.