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Why is the Netherlands a good country to move to?

The Netherlands is a beautiful country to move to. Your motivation for moving can of course have to do with several aspects. You may have to move temporarily or permanently for a work-related job. Or maybe you are moving to the Netherlands to study and you are looking for a suitable city to live in with a matching university.  


One of the best infrastructures 

 In the Netherlands All in all, the Netherlands is a perfect country to move to for emigrants. Subcultures and Dutch cultures go hand-in-hand and are developing more and more. The infrastructure of the Netherlands also ranks 3rd worldwide. Life here is excellently arranged for at home and abroad. But perhaps the most important step is; what do I need to arrange to live here and how do I find a home. This is an important question that we help you with in this blog.  


Looking for a job?  

There is always work to do.  The unemployment rate in the Netherlands is drastically lower than in other European countries. Only 3 percent of the Dutch population is unemployed. There is therefore plenty of work for job seekers from abroad. There is always work to be done, especially in the hospitality industry in large cities such as Amsterdam or Rotterdam. There are plenty of houses for sale in Rotterdam that are worth a visit. Most of the houses are characteristic, authentic and uniquely built. 


Arranging a home in the Netherlands 

Finding an apartment, studio or house in the Netherlands is difficult if you don’t know how and where to look. To start at the beginning, it is important that you draw up a priority list with your living requirements. Where do you want to live? In what type of house? What is your budget In which city do you want to live? For example, if you have a political background, then the city of The Hague might be something for you.  A real estate agency Den Haag can help you with specific questions about rental and owner-occupied homes. 


Real estate and Facebook groups  

In addition to your priority list, there are plenty of brokers who can help you on your way with your search. Whether it concerns a rental house or owner-occupied home, these people are specialized in finding a relevant home. Finally, you can also choose to join a Facebook group. In this group you will find a range of studios, apartments and student houses.