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What’s New With NBA 2K21 MyTeam

NBA 2K21 comes with new features regarding its most popular mode, MyTeam. It’s a online mode which the virtual currency called MT coins could be spent in exchange of power boosts to build up your team. We’ve already learned that the MyTeam progress on current-gen transfers to next-gen, should you make the jump, so you can play to your heart’s content knowing that all of your cards, items, and progress won’t be lost. This year, we have more content for MyTeam and updates to existing features.

The season concept is coming to MyTeam in 2020. Each season will come with new features and prizes. A season will last for about six weeks during which players will have different types of seasonal objectives. MyTeam Limited is a new way to play MyTeam. It is a weekend mode that lasts from Friday to Sunday. Each weekend comes with new rules. Players will take part in five versus five games for items that will grant them cards.

MyTeam Unlimited 2.0 is an existing mode that gets a revamp. This mode will have nine leagues and each league has 12 games. The Exchange is a new game feature. It allows players to exchange their cards for various rewards such as pink diamond cards. Each season has new exchange objectives and collections to complete. Badge customization was not part of NBA 2K20 and developers decided that it was time for it to make a comeback. Players will acquire badge cards that give them the chance to apply and upgrade badges to players.

NBA 2K21 expands on the evolution cards feature introduced in last year’s game. Players will have more options when it comes to upgrading their evolution cards. Ascension is a new feature that gives players more rewards. This feature comprises of three tiers of prizes. Each tier is a column of cards. You flip a card to get a reward. The objective is to find the level up card that allows you to access the next tier. The third tier hides a grand prize.

The Idol Series is a new premium collection. This collection will include legendary players from the past and the current NBA roster. The first pink diamond card in the game will be part of this collection. Signature Challenges are activities that recreate memorable moments from a player’s career. The NBA players are the ones that decide which moment will be part of the game. The first Signature Challenge features cover start Damian Lillard and it is available at launch. The Objective Tracker is a new functionality that allows players to keep an eye on their tasks.

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