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What is drag and drop segmentation marketing ?

What is drag and drop segmentation marketing ?

drag and drop segmentation marketing is making specific lists. For example, you can compile a list of products purchased by regular customers. You can also do this for new customers. With this data you have a clear overview of which products are purchased by these customers. This way you also know which items are not being sold and what needs to be worked on. You can also sort this data by categories. The marketeer ensures that you get a clear overview and gives tips on what can be improved.

What software is used for this?

Most companies use the Activation Studio program for drag and drop segmentation marketing. With this program you can create new segments, but you can also modify existing segments. In the data designer you can already see an overview of which data is available. New attribute groups are then added automatically. You can also apply specific filters for, for example, a specific date. The moment you have a sale, you obviously sell more, but you want to be able to compare this data with a regular sales day. Suppose you make a mistake while segmenting, this is not a problem. The software then displays an error message so you can see what went wrong. You can also use benchmark statistics so that you get a good overview of the overall performance of your website. This shows, for example, the bounce rate and click process data.

Salesforce lead managment

Salesforce lead management can be used to create an effective workflow. This gives you an overview of the process in the field of leads. You can see exactly which items have been sold and which have not. This allows you to get started on improving the unsold items yourself. In this way you increase the chances of success for the company and increase the overall turnover. Scores are also indicated that give you or your marketing agency a clear overview. This data is essential if you want to take your business to the next level.