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What is an article submission site?

Article submission sites are believed to help businesses publish and promote their content on the site through articles. Article submission sites not only help increase rankings in search engine results but also increase traffic on the business’s website. Of course, ranking in search engine results will also increase by using the right keywords in the content. One can build visitor awareness of his brand and products using this technique. As one of the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques, the goal behind article submission sites is to run campaigns without having to pay, which is usually done with Google Ads or other paid advertising.

Defining article submission site

When explained clearly, article submission sites are more referring to off-page SEO techniques, where you actually write articles and publish them on third-party websites. This method is executed by writing articles related to your business, then adding these articles to well-known article submission directories. By running this method, you will get dofollow or nofollow backlinks, which aim to attract a large amount of visitor traffic to your website efficiently without wasting time and effort.

For best results, articles submitted should be of high quality and submitted to high-quality, well-known websites or directories.

There are many article submission sites available today for you to choose from and fortunately article submission sites that provide free services are more numerous than paid ones. Because it can be accessed and combined with SEO, the article submission sites technique is considered one of the most effective and trusted techniques. When submitting articles in SEO, there will be two options, namely do-follow links and no-follow links. Of course the selection decision depends on the company looking to attract a certain type of audience.

Apart from entrepreneurs, bloggers also tend to take advantage of article submission sites to increase the visibility of their blogs. Due to the popularity of this technique, recently many article submission sites have been developed with instant approval and of course this greatly contributes significantly to the efficiency of this particular SEO technique.

Getting web traffic through Article Submission sites

There are many reasons why the method of using article submission sites can be relied upon to get web traffic. The main benefit of article submission is to increase the ranking of your online business website in search engines (such as Google). This can be achieved by producing content that contains valuable insights into the industry your online business is serving. This content will later help create interest and spread awareness of visitors to your product, besides this content will also help build the trust of your customers and eventually become potential customers of your business. Interesting articles or content will give them a reason to visit your website and will ultimately increase conversion rates. In addition, several other reasons or advantages of using article submission sites are as follows:

Backlinks to your website

It can be said that each backlink functions like a vote for your website, so positive results will increase the visibility of your website / blog. Through this SEO method, you will get backlinks to your website for life and will massively increase your brand and product presence.

The method of using article submission sites, although it looks simple, the process can sometimes be quite complicated. There are several factors to keep in mind and important elements to consider before using this SEO technique.

Some examples

There are several popular article submission sites that are usually used by SEO experts, such as:

As one of the free services from Google, you can use this medium to build links, add content and substance to your blog.

As one of the sites with a very good rate domain, this site is also a popular article submission site, in other words all articles published here will get a lot of readers.

This site is very popularly used for marketing activities and content promotion. With a large and free audience base, this site offers a wide variety of content that is very interesting and of course very interesting for you to try.

This site is not free, but only charges USD 2 to publish your content. By publishing your article here, your article can spread to more than 2000 web pages.


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