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The tasks of a referee

Selecting & tracking position
This competence concerns the degree to which the referee is able to follow the game and position to make the right decisions and sell his decisions well. The position of the referee is a prerequisite for making the right decision and being able to do so properly sell.

What is important to know is that there are no fixed appointments where the referee should exactly stand. It is always up to the referee to decide independently what, given the circumstances (interaction between players, field, weather, etc.) is the correct position. A nice example of an appointment from the past is that the referee had to stand on the goal line at a corner kick.

At this moment we see this is more like advice, where the referee may always deviate due to circumstances. It is important that the referee always chooses the right solutions and is capable of duels, judge and sell his decision by his position choice.

Applying game rules
This competence concerns the degree to which the referee is able to follow the rules of the game. Apply consistently and keep speed in the game where necessary. In the description of this competence is deliberately chosen for consistency instead of consistency. A competition can change continuously in terms of atmosphere and acceptance by the players.

It is up to the referee to ensure a consistent line to show. When an umpire is consistent at all times without taking into account
With the atmosphere and acceptance of players, resistance arises. In addition, we value the correct application of the technical guideline. The referee gets all the space, however, in the ‘grey area’ to give substance to his interpretation of the
rules of the game. The referee must be allowed to keep speed in the game when it can and intervene when it needs to. Everything is in the interest of making a positive contribution to the match.

To have a good authority and to get players to respect you, it is important to make the right decisions. This becomes a lot easier with professional referee headsets, which allow you to interact with your assistants crystal clear, to make decisions without any confusion.