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The benefits of smart bins

Did you know that more and more cities across the globe have started using so called smart bins? These bins help prevent pollution, look better than regular bins and are more useful as well. This means that smart bins have a lot of benefits, but which are those exactly? We’ve listed a few of the important ones below, so read on and find out about them!

Less rodents

Because most smart bins are completely sealed off, rodents can’t get to the trash inside. This means that they have less food and will thus reproduce at a slow rate, as well as show themselves less often on the street which is always a big plus for any city.

Less pollution

This works as follows. Because the bins are smart, they have sensors that let you know when the bins are full. This means that the route of the collection truck can be optimised and can skip any bins that aren’t full yet. This means fewer overall kilometres are made by the collection trucks, which means less fuel used and less pollution for the environment!

Easy management

Smart bins are connected to the internet and thus can be controlled from remote locations. This can be very useful in certain situations. Not only do they show when they are full, but they can be sealed off remotely as well. In The Netherlands, for instance, it is custom to light a lot of fireworks on new years eve. The government usually seals off all of the public bins because young people throw fireworks in them, which destroys the bin. That used to take hours, but now it is done by just pressing a few buttons!

More capacity

Another benefit is that they have more capacity, because they self compress. When the content reaches a certain limit, the mechanism inside pushes the trash down to compress it, which frees up more space for new trash to be thrown in the bin before it has to be emptied! This results in even less pollution and more efficiency!

Easy to use

Most smart bins have an easy to use foot pedal to open it up and be able to deposit trash in it. This makes it easy and, moreover, hygienic to use the bin. That is an important benefit for many users in the public space, because they don’t ever have to get their hands dirty!