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Stop panic attacks with the expert Nick de Waard

If you suffer from panic attacks, you also know how severe panic attacks can be. Sometimes panic attacks can even be traumatic. After a panic attack, many people then experience the fear of having another panic attack. We also call this the fear of fear. Also called anticipation anxiety.

Don’t wait too long if you have panic attacks

If I may give you one piece of advice: don’t wait too long and get started right away if you suffer from panic attacks. You don’t want to procrastinate until it passes. Get started right away. Why? If you continue as you did, you will get what you got. In other words: if you don’t take action now, the complaints will only get worse and worse.
Many clients come to me and suffer from panic attacks, they have been dealing with this for several months and the intensity of the panic attacks has only increased. The panic attacks are not reduced by anyone, so it is good to take immediate action. Waiting only makes it worse.

Stop panic attacks with Nick de Waard’s Golden Triangle Method

Panic attacks are relatively easy to solve, if you know what to do of course. And that’s where many people often go wrong, we don’t know what to do. We’re just doing something. Logical, too, because few people have the knowledge that ensures that you can also recover sustainably.
We are often given medicines, but is this really the solution? Or just a plaster on a wound?
You want to get to the heart of the problem and that is often hidden in your lifestyle. The life you live has ultimately caused you to have panic attacks. That also means that you have to make adjustments in your lifestyle in order to recover.
Nick de Waard is an expert in the field of panic attacks and he can help you with this through the Golden Triangle Method.
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