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Parquet floor sanding Amsterdam

If you have a high-quality, durable and beautiful parquet floor, it only contributes to the look and feel of the home. Of course, it can always happen that something goes wrong and that the floor ages prematurely or is damaged. In that case, it is essential to rely on a parquet sanding specialist who has all the necessary knowledge to make the floor look like new again and avoid future problems! 


The added value of parquet scour Amsterdam and the surrounding area

If you live in and around Amsterdam and your floor is due for renewal or maintenance – then you are in luck. Thanks to a specialist such as parquet sanding Amsterdam you can improve the quality and appearance of the floor again, so that it lasts longer and fits better with your home. One of the best treatments for this is to sand the parquet. Sanding a parquet may seem like a banal treatment, but the benefits are far reaching.


An overview:

The biggest advantage of sanding the parquet floor is that it looks like new again. After all, all irregularities and obstacles are removed from the floor by means of various sanding machines, so that it regains its smooth, even character. The specialist starts by removing large imperfections and works on to small, less visible irregularities such as splinters and the like.


Another advantage of sanding the parquet floor is that it will last much longer. Precisely because all irregularities are efficiently removed, the wood of the floor will also be much less susceptible to further damage. And that will of course only benefit your investment. Especially if the floor is already a bit older, parquet sanding offers advantages!

Finally, sanding the parquet is a good idea as the wood of the floor will be less affected by moisture and dirt in this way. Not only sanding the parquet, but also any subsequent treatments – such as lacquers, oils and parquet sanding and waxing – have this effect. After all, the protective layer that is applied to the floor stops moisture and dirt much better than the wood itself! The benefits of Schuur Expert Amsterdam clearly go very far. If you want to be sure of a qualitative and sustainable result, then it is worthwhile to rely on a specialist. In this way parquet floor sanding Amsterdam becomes a business that only offers advantages for the look, feel and quality of your parquet floor!


Sanding and oiling the parquet: advantages

The second popular treatment method for worn parquet floors is sanding and then oiling. After a sanding session, oil is applied, which penetrates deep into the floor and protects it well. 


Oiling wooden floors has some clear advantages. These are:

  • Liquids and dirt no longer stand a chance due to the absorbing oil, which completely saturates the wood.
  • Dozens of colors are possible with oils.
  • Maintaining the floor in case of clay damage is easy.

Disadvantages of an oil floor

The disadvantages of oil floors are the fact that the floor needs a post-treatment once every two or three years. If this is not done, the floor can become ugly and dirty. Oil floors will also shine more over time.


Varnishing a wooden floor: advantages

Sanding and varnishing the package is done as follows. First, the floor is sanded with special equipment and made completely dust-free. Then the floor is lacquered in three rounds. First a layer of primer is applied. And then the floor is finished in two painting sessions. The advantages of sanding a floor and then finishing it are:

  • Sanding the parquet in Amsterdam and having it finished ensures a floor that can withstand liquids. Paint is perfectly protected against water and wetness. This prevents moisture penetration and warping of the wooden floor.
  • One of the great advantages of lacquered wood floors is the limited maintenance they require. The floor is easy to keep clean and – in addition to mopping the occasional mop and pulling the vacuum cleaner over it – actually does not require any further interim maintenance. In this way, the floor can easily last ten to twelve years. When you choose high-quality paint, you can quickly extend the service life to fourteen years.
  • There is a choice of finishes. For example, you can opt for a matt lacquer floor, for a silk matt look and for extra matt lacquer types.