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Order CBD skincare and other products according clean beauty

People are becoming more and more conscious about the skincare products they use. But how do you know your beauty products are safe? First of all: choose products that are clean and always choose a brand that stands for clean beauty. One of these brands is LALO®. They develop clean and vegan skin care based on cannibidiol (CBD), the powerful antioxidant from the hemp plant. This exclusive brand distinguishes itself from the many other CBD brands with beautifully designed packaging. Ideal and original to give as a gift! But why CBD skincare?

The effects CBD can have on your skin

Implementing the wonders of CBD in your clean skincare ritual is recommended for many reasons. Some researches have shown that CBD skincare is good for all sorts of skin types! Studies into the use of CBD oil in beauty products certainly indicate that cannabiodol has an anti-inflammatory effect. In recent years, the anti-inflammatory CBD has been increasingly used in care products with the aim of clear, beautiful skin. This is due to the calming effect of the amino acids and flaconoids from the cannabidiol. Cannabinoids are hailed to help heal redness and overly sensitive or inflamed skin conditions such as eczema, flaking, dry skin or acne. So why not give CBD skincare a try?

Order their clean beauty and CBD products online

At LALO® they are a huge fan of clean beauty and therefore they have developed several products that are 100% cruelty-free, vegan and produced in the most sustainable way possible. It means that their products are formulated with solely non-toxic ingredients and absolutely harmless for the skin. Choose the face oil, moisturizes, lip balm of any of the other products easily online. Do you have questions about their CBD skincare products or about clean beauty? Do not hesitate and get in touch with them!