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Marketing, accounting, languages ​​and logistics

Marketing, accounting, languages ​​and logistics, HRM, quality assurance, international business… are discussed. An exciting choice trajectory that prepares you for a great job in the corporate world. After all, the SME is still by far the beating heart of an economy and the employer par excellence! Large companies will also appreciate your total view of the company and your immediate employability. We also stimulate your creative spirit because the future belongs to the initiators, the daring, the sustainable entrepreneurs! Become one yourself through this unique selection process!

How long will it take me to complete this training?

These are short lessons of 5 minutes, you can start and stop whenever you want. They are interesting and useful individually.
A our channel is a practical  that you can complete in your tempo. The program consists of six semesters, which are spread over three program phases. The program comprises   and is composed of course units for which you must obtain. Most business managers follow the regular program of which the first program phase consists. We have no account and the conditions of the study programme, you can  put together an individual as a channel watcher. You are not at universiteit, so you can learch so much as you want.  You do not have to pass certain course units, you will adjust your individual study. 

What does my study route look like?

In daytime education you participate in practical lessons that are supervised by our channel community. In this way you gradually prepare for your role in the labor market. The lessons are interspersed with internships, work field orientation and project work. As your education progresses, you take your studies more into your own hands.

After obtaining your channel, you can obtain an additional information  via a specialization mailing, or via an adapted program in which a ‘package’ of exemptions is settled. We are open to assist you in business development and product development and marketing.


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