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Make your pharmaceutical market-ready with toxicologic pathology


Before new medicines, vaccines or other pharmaceuticals can be brought to market, it is important that said pharmaceuticals are tested for end-user safety and side effects. The science of toxicologic pathology deals with such testing. As such, the role of a toxicologic pathologist is in assessing chemical, vaccine and pharmaceutical safety. They achieve this by identifying the pathological changes, if any, that these chemicals cause. They then research whether the observed changes are pathologically relevant, by studying animal testing results and interpreting their relevance in human application. Extensive expertise and scientific diligence are vital when interpreting the results of the safety assessment. In toxicologic pathology, the scientist needs to consider a great many factors; species, anatomy, drug class, organ weight changes and much, much more.

The crucial role of toxicologic pathology

European and international guidelines mandate that any pharmaceutical must undergo thorough safety assessments before market access is granted. Lax or no toxicologic pathology testing has led to various disasters in the past, with both the environment and human beings suffering ill effects. The most salient example that springs to mind is that of thalidomide which was widely distributed to pregnant women, causing teratogenic effects and subsequent birth defects in utero. Even today, pharmaceuticals already available on the market are sometimes withdrawn as previously unknown side effects come to light. This means that is it more vital than ever that toxicologic pathologists are employed, to ensure pharmaceuticals coming to market are safe for use.

An expert lab you can rely on

Fortunately, you won’t have to look far for toxicologic pathology experts. Global Pathology Support  in the Netherlands is the lab of choice when it comes to toxicology pathology. Specializing in histopathology assessments of toxicity and carcinogenicity studies as well as neuropathology assessments and gross pathology assessments, this laboratory is your partner in a thorough drug safety procedure. Their particular focus lies on products seeking registration for use in the chemical or pharmaceutical industry. Global Pathology Support is fully compliant with the Registration Evaluation and Authorization Chemicals Agreement and all OECD-guidelines, ensuring you can rely on top-level quality toxicologic pathology services.