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Magnet fishing news

Heukelom, municipality of Oisterwijk is the site of excavation, or rather surfaced while fishing with a magnet. According to writer Anton van Dorp, the more in-depth story about this has hit like a bomb.

Explosive found in Heukelom (Photo Toby de Kort).

His story and other local historical contemporary writings can be found in the new magazine of local history circle De Kleine Meijerij. It also concerns genealogical DNA research, the wood of Udenhout and the Hondsberg in Oisterwijk.

The De Hondsberg and Oisterwijk estate have become closely linked over the years. Wim de Bakker examines the history of this estate in an illuminating piece. Among other things, the exhibition includes a preserved issue letter of a piece of land next to the Durendael estate. This country would be called the Hondsberg.

A short, but bombastic article by Anton van Dorp tells of the retrieval of ammunition from WWII by so-called “magnet fishermen”. There is also, that is clear, a dangerous side to this relatively new sport. Last October, two magnet fishermen pulled a few things up from the Voorste stream in Heukelom. These “catches” are described here. this is the best fishing magnet to buy

Villa De Hondsberg (W. de Bakker coll.).

On November 7, Het Kwartier Van Oisterwijk published the book “De Gastjes” by Ad van den Oord. This book is about a poor working-class neighborhood that once existed in Oisterwijk, and where the author’s ancestors lived. Martin van der Waals describes his ideas and feelings about this book in an article in which his own ancestors as residents of De Gastjes are also discussed.

Ships’ protocols are writings in which the actions of the local alderman’s bank are recorded, which at the time (presumably already some time before 1213, when the freedom of Oisterwijk arose) formed the administration of that same freedom. Wim de Bakker sheds light on Oisterwijk’s oldest ships protocol in his second article in this issue.

This and more in episode 4 of De Kleine Meijerij, available at Boekhandel Oisterwijk, from Novy van Wezel in Moergestel and the Heemcentrum of De Kleine Meijerij at Spoorlaan 70 in Oisterwijk.