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Liebherr wugb3400 with a TipOpen system


Liebherr WUgb3400 Vinidor is an undercounter wine fridge with a storage capacity of 34 bottles allowing any wine lover to enjoy their drink with a variety and store their collection in style and quality. The wine fridge has two different temperature zones allowing variety of storage methods for specific types of wine. The interior of the fridge is a stainless steel frame, with interior walls coated in silver and closed with an UV-resistant insulated glass door that allows the user to have the wine supply on the display. The wine fridge contains two temperature zones and has a capacity to store 34 bottles of Bordeaux standard size. Besides allowing enough space for an amateur wine lover’s collection, Liebherr WUgb3400 has a capability to fully administer the state of the interior and conditions of storage. The wine fridge allows to monitor humidity and ensure stable air quality inside. The wine bottles are carefully placed inside the wooden crafted, movable shelves.

The Liebherr WUgb3400 wine fridge is an example of German engineering and premium quality. Innovative features and modern design will fit into a lifestyle of any wine collector that seeks to store his supply of wine bottles with care and efficiency. Just like any wine fridge, WUgb3400 resembles traditional wine refrigerators and but allows more order, compactness and specific built-in features that empower the user into better quality of wine storing. The Liebherr WUgb3400 model is protected from the effects of foreign odors by ensuring the the clean flow of air in order to maintain the necessary microclimate. The wine fridge uses the latest FreshAir Charcoal Filter which is a replaceable air filter to provide clear air in the interior of the fridge. 

Majority would agree that a wine fridge from Liebherr is a great solution for many storage problems of today’s wine collectors as Liebherr WUgb3400 provides humidity monitors and full UV light protection. Bottles are protected from external light sources by the UV-resistant insulating glass on the door. The specifically built compressors of the fridge ensure the absence of vibrations and climate control in the interior of the fridge allow full control over the atmosphere of the wine storage inside. 

The electronic LCD display allows the homeowner to monitor the conditions of storage of the beverage. The touch electronic control system enables the user to adjust the temperature and humidity of the interior in the compartments. The insulation layers of the wine fridge make it possible to establish different temperatures within the fridge thus allowing to store red and white wine bottles according to the preference of the homeowner. For any inconvenience occurring with the storage, a fault alarm system will always notify the homeowner of the existing storage threats. 

Exclusively for the WUgb3400 model, the wine fridge has the built-in TipOpen technology which allows the door of the fridge to be opened when the glass door is pushed. In order to prevent air humidity and temperature leaks, the door automatically closes within 3 seconds if the door was not opened fully. In order to provide a gentle closing of the door, a SoftSystem is built-in to protect the doors from slamming shut and damaging the interior.

The metallic style of the fridge allows to exhibit a modern touch to any wine collection, while taking advantage of the most advanced wine storing system. The Liebherr WUgb3400 is specifically built to be an undercounter fridge for private and commercial use in order to save kitchen and bar space. Upon deciding to purchase Liebherr WUgb3400, a buyer has to note the required space and amount of wine bottles available in supplied for storage. The WUgb3400 model would be a perfect choice for a homeowner in need for quality storage for a personal wine collection.