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Liebherr WS17800 is German Engineering


Do you have a restaurant or a wine shop and tired of your expensive, nice wine to keep in the basement? Then the Liebherr WS17800 a perfect solution. This is a wine cooler or wine fridge and allows to make the most of your wines to enjoy.

Wine is often not properly preserved, so often in the refrigerator is white wine and red wine usually kept at room temperature. Approximate is not a bad idea, however, comes the taste in this way is not optimal. Since the refrigerator just a little too cold and room temperature too hot. In restaurants or stores is often the basement used as a storage place. But again this is not a perfect alternative since the air quality there is insufficient.

A solution to these problems is a wine cooler. Such wine cabinet shall ensure an optimal storage of wines, this by means of entering the best serving temperature and stopping sunlight using a UV filter. Wine cabinets are also vibration-free, making the wines matured on taste. The good air circulation in wine cabinets also guarantees a high air quality.

Often wine cooler and wine cabinets used as synonyms while there still is a difference. So keep a wine fridge wines on their ideal drinking temperature for a shorter period of time. Wine coolers store wines also on their ideal serving temperature, but often also have a section that facilitates maturation of wines under the best conditions.

On the market are offered a lot of different wine coolers. A distinction is made as the size of the wine Cabinet. In other words the number of bottles that one can save it. Then a distinction can be made between wine coolers wine coolers with one and with two or multiple temperature zones. In case of one temperature zone are all wines on one and the same temperature. For example, at a wine cabinet with two temperature zones one can both red and white wine, which has a different ideal serving temperature, ideal.


This article refers to a specific wine cooler, namely the Liebherr WS17800.

This wine cooler has two temperature zones, making wines at different temperatures. In total, this wine cooler place to 211 wine bottles. The top compartment giving place to 68 bottles, while the lower compartment 146 bottles. The cooler is made of stainless steel making it a sleek and modern look. Inside the Cabinet there are 8 wear plateaus for the wine and there is led lighting.

The compressor of the wine cooler is vibration-free mounted. This allows the wines mature and come to taste without subject to vibration. To the ambient vibrations almost completely disable Vibration Reduction Blocks are placed under the wine Cabinet. For this particular Liebherr WS17800 there are thus five blocks.

Pure technically cools this Liebherr, but carries them off heat to the outside. The Liebherr WS17800 works best if the temperature of the environment in which they does not stand drops below 10 ° c.

The price tag that is attached to this wine fridge is around € 3099. This is the retail price of Liebherr. It is so that the lowest price guarantees for this promoter Cave wine cooler. This means that if the customer the same wine cooler can find cheaper at another importer in Netherlands, Cavepromotor the difference refunded.

The Liebherr WS17800 can be supplied free of charge by Cavepromotor, but the customer should the wine cooler though self extract and install. A complete delivery is also possible for an additional fee. Here, the packaging by the employees of Cavepromotor removed and the wine cooler installed where the customer wish.