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Lease these items for some extra cash

Wishing we had a bit of extra cash is normal, who doesn’t want that? Unfortunately, most jobs only give so much money that it all goes to essential stuff like food or rent. It’s not a crime to want some play money to afford some things we actually want. This is one of the reasons people decide to lease a lot of their stuff. There are many advantages to leasing your items, so what’s stopping some people from doing it?

Most people don’t know how many different things you can actually lease. Of course, you’ll have to do so safely and make sure to have some sort of legal representative for contracts and more. But this list we’ve compiled are things you surely have, and you may not know you can lease them.

Lease your tools

If you have a set of many tools and you aren’t using them, you can lease them. Tools are one of those things that people buy and use once or twice and then barely ever again. This is why people who are trying to cut on expenses would rather lease items like that than buy them. It makes more sense to rent some tools if you’re only planning on using it for one day instead of buying them.

Lease your IPv4 address(es)

If you have an IPv4 address that isn’t getting any use out of you, you can lease it for a decent price. Ever since it was announced that the world has exhausted the IPv4 addresses that were available since the 80s, the market for them has been on fire. IPv4 addresses are also able to be bought and sold, but because there will need to be a transfer of ownership amongst other things that all take a longer time. When people decide to lease IPv4 instead, the rules and regulations are a lot less strict plus as soon as the contract is signed, the leaser will get the IPv4 a lot quicker.

Lease your big empty space

If you have access to a big empty space or have one in your home, you can lease that too. Sometimes people can’t afford big fancy venues but need the space for an event, like a birthday. If you do decide to lease your space, you’ll have to set your own ground rules according to what you are comfortable with.