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Is the value of your relationship $179

What is your relationship worth?

It may be a peculiar question, but it occupies many people when their relationship starts to fall into dire straits. Are we going to try to solve it ourselves or are we going to get help from a specialit? Nowadays you can do it yourself perfectly, because there is an online DIY couples therapy.

 that you can apply anywhere.

A fee of € 125 for which you can work on yourself together and thus build on your relationship, that’s what many couples like to do. Even when they are on vacation they can work in peace on their personal growth and get more insight in themselves and their relationship.

It is certainly no longer a taboo to call in a relationship therapist or do an at home couples therapy. What used to be laughed at is now a full-fledged industry of experts who are happy to share their knowledge and expertise by asking questions. By answering the questions you gain insight into what bothers you about your partner, yourself or within your relationship. After all, it’s the two of you.

What Your Love’s therapy makes possible is recognizing, acknowledging and breaking through patterns. Still, relationship therapy is not a panacea, for both partners need to be honest with themselves and with their partner. The outcome may be that you break up after all, but then you will have learned a lot about yourself that will help you in your next relationship. Or maybe you’re so done with it that you don’t need a relationship anymore.

If you do continue with each other, then the real building of the relationship begins, because the old patterns are lurking and it is not the intention that you go back into them.

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