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Implementing Social Distancing At Your Next Exhibition

As we head towards the end of 2020, it’s still not 100% clear when events will be going ahead, and when they do what the regulations will be. Those who attend yearly events, will have missed the opportunity to display their business and have that all-important interaction with new and existing customers.

With many aspects of life and work right now, it’s hard to plan as we no longer know what the future holds. But that doesn’t stop you being able to organise your stand, all whilst thinking how you can incorporate social distancing measures. Whether this be an indoor or outdoor event, your social distancing strategy could determine the success of your exhibition stand – after all you need all visitors to feel safe and comfortable.

Keeping it clean

It’s likely the exhibition venue them selves will provide sanitiser stations throughout the room but adding one to your stand would be beneficial. It gives each visitor a designated place to disinfect their hands after wandering around, picking up leaflets and brochures.

It’s also creating a safe space and allows each person to be as sanitised as possible.

Exhibition Screening

Generally speaking, screening isn’t the first thing you think of when it comes to exhibitions. However, screening has seen a massive increase across all sectors as it’s a stylish way to add protective partitioning.

Clear and frosted acrylic screening brings the most to an exhibition as you can choose to allow visibility or add privacy. And even better, both finishes can be wiped cleaned throughout the day to reduce the spread of germs and bacteria.

Portable Screens

As the name suggests, portable screens can be moved, making them functional for events and allows you to position the screen in different locations. By adding a portable screen you’ll be able to transfer the screen to where it’s needed and where further protection is required.

Again, with a white gloss finish or a fun printed finish, not only can you show off your branding and create a buzz around your stand – you can wipe clean and keep your area sanitised.

One Way System

If you’ve been to an exhibition hall before, you’ll know that it’s full of exhibitors and visitors and really there’s people everywhere. Of course, the hustle and bustle of the hall is what makes an exhibition so great but going forward this is going to have to change.

Rather than people entering you stand space from all directions, adding a one way enter and exit system will ensure an orderly and safe approach. Designing a clear walk way through your stand will make it easy to enjoy the space without being up close and personal with other visitors.