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How it is done? Promotion of an online store in Instаgram

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The social network Instagram is gaining momentum every day and clearly claims to be the most popular social network. Overall, I don’t think this was a great discovery for you. It is no secret that many are trying to promote their internet business through this network. The keyword here is to try. “What could be easier than posting clear photos and a bunch of hashtags?” This is what the majority think. But for some reason, in practice, not everything is that simple: users don’t notice your efforts or take you and your product seriously. To them, it’s just another cute photo with tons of tags.

So, in today’s article, you will get useful guides on how to run a campaign on this social network.

It’s worth noting that Instagram is perfect for your product if it’s related to:

  • family
  • gadgets and electronics
  • sport-
  • food
  • to travel
  • fashion

If your internet business is related to these categories, great, but if not, don’t be discouraged. This list is not a strict limitation, but just a recommendation for the most successful start of an Instagram campaign based on her preferences.

Why do you need this?

If you are going to manage a business Instagram account, you need to understand one thing: the public has long been tired of direct advertising of services and goods. Direct advertising, imposing services, misusing subscribers’ attention is the most important and most unforgivable mistake most often made by budding entrepreneurs. “Sales” interest and a certain atmosphere, not the goods themselves. Then the number of subscribers and potential buyers will only increase.

 Determine the target audience

To run an ad campaign, you need to know who it is aimed at. Make a portrait of your target audience, study their needs and tastes.

Only use really high quality content

As you may have guessed, the main feature of Instagram is that all information sent is visual only. This means that your photos should be of the highest quality, juicy, adequately exposed and at a favorable angle. An excellent option would be to create your own mini studio with cool features and cute accessories for you to use while shooting goods. Feel free to experiment, talk to colleagues and friends about the quality and interest in the resulting photos.

Only use the best products

Undoubtedly, if you shoot your products, this should be the most interesting product regardless of the price segment (it’s not worth mentioning the cost at all). By the way, you can only use photos of your products in addition to the informational opportunity you want to share with your subscribers. But you can answer questions about what’s shown in the photo by providing a link to the product page on the site.

Here’s a short list of things they’ll love:

  • order packing process
  • photos of satisfied customers
  • photos of your office
  • product photos in real life
  • photos of work moments
  • pictures of the collaborative recreation of your employees video reviews of filming products

Determine the frequency of publications

As the practice of global brands shows, the optimal number of posts per day should not exceed 2-3 publications. The most active time for accommodation is in the morning, lunch breaks, after 6 PM and late in the evening. So, with whom, what and when to upload, we found out. Now let’s move on to the part to start promoting on Instagram.

Create and promote a brand hashtag

This is very useful for positioning the business and reaching a wide audience if users want to take a photo and post a photo with your product. This way, your followers’ friends can see the photos associated with your account and brand.

Comment on photos with your hashtag or brand

Leave nice comments, write compliments and emphasize that the owner of the photo has great taste. Believe me, there is nothing more fun for a loyal subscriber than the fact that the brand has noticed its choice.

Follow your competitors

Feel free to follow your competitors.

Your motto may be “take the best and make it better”. Knowing about competitors’ activities can help you keep up with their business and take proactive steps.

 Make your own video

Instagram allows you to record and post 15-second videos showing events from the life of the brand, the process of packing goods. This will thin the tape and draw attention to you.

Make friends with your audience

Why not tell your subscribers about the management of the online store, its employees? You can share the story of your store creation and make recommendations.

Engage subscribers

Try to keep in touch with those interested in your business account: ask questions, ask for an opinion, don’t forget to respond to comments. All of this will help show your interest and build a channel of communication. Consider running contests related to your store and products. As I looked through the Instagram feed, I started to notice thematic flash mobs more and more. Typically, subscribers are asked to take a photo with an unusual item with a logo or website address. In addition, it would be good to use the company’s own hashtag, allowing the participants to see each other and “compete” with each other. One of the options for actively engaging subscribers can be promotion based on knowledge of the history of the company, the products it sells. The prize can consist of coupons or the possibility to get a small souvenir. QR codes can also be used: post discount codes only to Instagram subscribers and emphasize their importance and uniqueness.

….. more info can be found here «Road to 100k Instagram Followers»!

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