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Fitness alternative in Holland, Schagen

Fitness in a gym can feel very static and not fun. You may feel like you are being confessed and you are doing the same exercises every time. Fortunately, there is now an alternative to Fitness in Schagen, namely: Yoga Fit Mix.

What is Yoga Fit Mix?

Yoga Fit Mix is ​​a dynamic fitness class where you do different exercises every time. It’s not as static as in the gym. It is a fun lesson in which various exercises are used, such as: animal movements, fitness, yoga, dance and other forms of movement. This is what makes the lesson so unique and diverse, because it is never the same.

Sports are done in a conscious way, which means that you don’t go over your own limits (like in the gym). Step by step you start moving and you feel what is pleasant for you, and what is not. Good guidance is given.

In addition, there is a perfect balance between relaxation and effort. The lesson often starts with a bit of grounding, then we actively move and then we close with a little meditation. This is what makes the lesson so versatile: because everything is covered.

Is this Fitness in Schagen alternative something for me?

This fitness class in Schagen is for you if you like exercise. If you have a love for movement and would like to deepen your knowledge and try new forms of movement, then this is definitely for you. It is suitable for every body and every level.

You can always come and do a trial lesson, that’s no problem at all. Request your trial lesson on our website and we will contact you within 1 day. The class is held in a large hall with plenty of space. You are most welcome at this unique fitness class in Schagen.