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Express your personality through your phone case

These days, everyone is getting camera phones. And whether you want to admit it or not, they all have photos that can be turned into some cool artwork. From the cute puppy you met on the streets of Rome to the breathtaking mountain view from your last vacation in the Swiss Alps, there are many things that can be turned into a piece of art with a touch of creativity and imagination.


Thing is, most people tend to take photos and never look at them again. But here’s a chance to get those photos off your computer and on to something that you can wear or carry around. Custom phone cases are extremely colorful and stylish, so they suit any fashion style or preference. You have different designs available for your custom phone case, too. You can choose from regular phone cases, wallet phone cases, hard case covers, or even tough cases.


LaCoquePersonnalisee.fr is a website that offers its visitors the opportunity to print photos and pictures on their mobile phone cases. This website has a very simple and practical interface so that you can order your case within just a few minutes. The process is very simple, you just need to upload the photo you want printed on your case, choose the type of case you want (for iPhone or Samsung), then customise it with their “Design Your Case” option. You can personalise the whole case with your own text and image, add more than one photo on it or even add a border around each picture… It’s up to you !


As it is possible to change the size of each image, you can make them adapt exactly to the shape of your customized phone case and make sure they look good. You also have several options when choosing your images, such as whether they are vertical or horizontal, black and white or in color… After that, you can choose your favorite font style and color for the words you want printed on the back of your phone case. When ordering an iPad or tablet case , I noticed that there were more options for those devices than for mobile phones but it doesn’t mean that the mobile phone cases are not well designed! 


The cost of creating your own custom phone case depends on what type you want. Each one has slightly different pricing, but they are all reasonably priced considering the work that’s put into them. Prices range from 9€ for a soft case up to 30€ for a hard case cover with lots of bling! If you’re looking for originality in your accessories, then custom phone cases are sure to please. Take a look and create your best fit!