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Electrochemical activated water generators for your production process

At Aquaox you will find a wide range of electrochemical activated water generators of the best quality. These generators can be used for disinfecting various facilities, such as breweries, food processing plants and dairy producers. You can use these systems as a standalone generator or as an integrated machine within your production process. Would you like to know more about the innovative generators that this specialist offers? Discover all the different machines they offer for your company.

Which activated water generator is suitable for your company?

Aquaox offers various electrochemical activated water generators. In their product range, you will find the EA-30-Device. This generator is the smallest one in their product range and is especially designed for use in facilities, hospitals, universities and school buildings. Because this generator is preset, it is very user-friendly. It requires no complicated operation methods. This specialist also offers EA-systems. These systems are machines that produce electrochemical activated water for use in the horticulture, agriculture and intensive farming. Do you own a hotel, brewery or a company in the food processing industry? Then the EC-systems are suitable for you. The MOW-systems are highly efficient machines that produce advanced solutions for every water distribution treatment system. Are you not sure which system is most suitable for your company? This expert gladly advises you about all the different options.

Contact this expert for more information about their water generators

Would you like to receive more information about the electrochemical activated water generators that this specialist offers? These water generators provide a solution for all your problems with bacteria, viruses and mold. These machines produce electrochemical water that is safe for humans and the environment. Thanks to their extensive product range, you will easily find a water generator that suits all your needs. If you would like to receive more information and advice about their products, you can always contact them and ask all your questions.