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Effective ways to stay focused in the office

When you’re working in a fast paced, loud and distracting environment, it can be difficult to stay focused and present whilst trying to knuckle down and get your job done. To work hard and feel motivated, it’s great to have a good headspace and a level of focus to keep you on track and with your eyes on the prize – which is most likely to finish your to-do list.

We’ve created a list of simple ways to keep you focused in the workplace in 2020.


This isn’t something you can necessarily complete in the workplace but can make a difference to your mental state. Exercising before or after work can set your state of mind for the day, allowing you to stay focused and positive and more importantly awake and alert to take the day by storm.

Plan Ahead

Who doesn’t love a plan?

Allocate yourself 10-15 minutes a day to think about and make notes of what you would like to achieve the following day. Setting an agenda gives you clear direction for the day, with some pointers along the way to make sure you keep the end goal in mind and you have a productive day.

Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated is the answer to most things. A simple cup of tap water can make a world of difference to how you feel both mentally and physically. Dehydration effects the way we think and the way our mind feels. You could find that when you haven’t drank enough, your mind feels foggy and unclear.

Keeping a reusable bottle with you all the time is a great way to remind yourself to sip little and often to keep your hydration levels high.

Add screens

If you have the option to, adding some form of desk screening can help with noise and distraction. With a range of finishes out there, an acoustic divider is up there with the most effective. Filled with an acoustic foam to absorb some of the noise around you, to take off the edge and allow your mind to focus on the task in hand.

Not only can it help with noise, an acoustic screen provides desk privacy.

Ditch Social Media

It doesn’t matter if you’re at work or home, when you start scrolling you’ll be heading in to a rabbit hole with no return as you start watching cute animal video’s and liking people’s statuses.

Realistically, if you’re busy enough you won’t have time for social media anyway. But don’t open yourself up to temptation and steer clear at the beginning of the day.

Lunch and breaks

Most employees who work in an office will be fixed to their computer or laptop all day. So, when lunch time comes around it’s important to let your eyes and brain rest from the strain of monitor lights and constant eye strain.

Use your mobile as little as possible to provide your body with a little rest spite from artificial backlights.