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Easy hull design

If you need hull design software, then look no further. This software provides a CAD/CAM solution for hull design. Whether it’s the basic design and documentation or complex and complete 3D models and automatic extraction of data, everything is possible with this software.

How to get started

It takes time to fully master software. In order to make it easier for you, CADMATIC has made demos and webinars for you to follow step by step. You’ll learn how to make hull lines and shell plates, but it also shows you how different specialities can work collaboratively in the software. Need a quick refresher to see how you can make a block from scratch? No need to worry, the webinars got you covered.

The perks

You may be wondering: what makes this software so special in comparison to other similar software? When you start using this software, you’ll notice how fast and easy it is to use in comparison to different software. Discover the perks of ruled-based engineering software. For example, items are sized automatically according to the class rules. It also helps you to avoid errors in design and production. Designing and producing ships takes a lot of time. You want the process to go as smoothly as possible. Therefore, it is important you have software that works as intended. Do you want to give it a try or see the webinars and demos for yourself? You can check a few of the demos on the website. If you are interested in using the software for your company, you’ll definitely need to get in touch. Make your ship design and collaborative process so much easier. Start now by using this hull design software.