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Dutch beers you must try

Dutch beers you must try 

The Dutch culture is not really a special thing. However, there are some things that the Dutch could be given more credit for. They are good at a number of wonderful things and one of them is definitely making good, tasty beer. Just like their Belgian neighbors, the Dutch know all too well how to brew a good beer. In this blog article, we take you to the most delicious Dutch beers. As a beer lover you should and will try these beers at least once in your life. 


Hertog Jan: a classic

Hertog Jan is known for the fact that their beer is still brewed the traditional way. When brewing this beer, pure, naturally filtered water is used and the yeast and hops are subjected to a very strict selection. This makes Hertog Jan an incredibly rich and full flavor with a beautiful golden color. This beer is deliciously full of flavor without being too bitter. The slight bitter aftertaste makes this beer perfect for all beer drinkers; not only for the real devotee is this beer an excellent choice, also for people who are still discovering beer. Apart from their ordinary pilsner, Hertog Jan also brews many other special beers that are certainly worth a taste test.


Brewery t’IJ 

Brewery t’IJ is an Amsterdam brewery that started its craft of brewing beer a little later. Nevertheless, this brewery is not inferior to other brewers in the Netherlands. Inspired by the special beer he was served during his tour in Belgium, the musician Kasper Peterson became intrigued. He decided that he wanted to set up his own brewery in the Netherlands and in 1985 he finally did. It turned out to be a great success and one of the nicest Dutch beers on the market. The brewery has grown very quickly since its establishment and many Dutch people are fans of all the delicious beers it serves. 



The world-famous ‘Grolsch’ is brewed in the east of the Netherlands. Together with Heineken beer, this beer brand is the biggest player on the Dutch beer market. The taste of Grolsch can be called special, to say the least. It has an intrinsic and bitter taste that not just anyone likes. It is only when you have learned to drink and appreciate it that you realise the value of this special beer. The beer bottles are known for their unique design, because you open these bottles with a bracket instead of a beer cap. The Grolsch recipe is a well-kept secret that has been used to brew beer for 400 years. Curious about one of the Dutch beers? You can order them anywhere in the world with the Dutch Expat Shop. This is an online Dutch supermarket with all Dutch and Belgian products on its shelves. You should really try it out!