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Different types of enemas

Different types of enemas

There are different kinds of Enema types that you can get from the doctor. The most commonly used type is the cleansing one. You place it in the butt and therefore you can clean your intestines well. Within a few minutes you will already notice the result and you will have the feeling that you have to poop. So always make sure you are near a toilet. There are also enemas based on water and/or salt. These are experienced as the most pleasant to use. This strain is usually used when people suffer from constipation or hard poo. You also have mineral enemas that are used for people who have dry skin at the back. This species can also be used for dandruff. Finally, you have the barium enema that are used for research purposes. It is a kind of X-ray of the intestines that can be made with it.

How do you use this safely?

Safe use of enema kit is recommended by doctors.It is an invasive treatment that requires extreme caution. If you do not follow the step-by-step plan completely, this can ensure that the operation is not sufficient. It is important to use enemas only on doctor’s advice. In addition, you should not bring too many liquids into the body at once. This is only allowed when recommended by the doctor. Always inform the doctor about allergies as there may be side effects to the use of an enema.

What are the possible side effects

Most people have no side effects after using an enema. However, it sometimes happens that people become nauseous or get a dry mouth. In addition, an enema can also cause a lot of diarrhea. This is fairly normal, but you should always ring the bell if you have a fever. You may also get a little dizzy. Often that happens because it has been hidden for so long that it is just a relaxation to get rid of it.