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Choose an efficient and reliable aeromedical examiner

As a professional or recreational pilot, you need to undergo regular aeromedical examinations to ensure you are fit to fly. Not only is it wise to undergo regular examinations, but you are required to do so by law. This can, however, mean you are not allowed to fly for some time until you receive your certificate and that can be especially trying when you fly to make a living. Therefore you should go to an aeromedical examiner that gives you your certificate as soon as possible. Sky Medical Center is such an examination company. When you go to them for your examination you get your medical certificate the same day. With them, you are cleared to fly again as soon as possible.

Bring all the necessary documentation for a smooth medical exam

The aeromedical examiner at Sky Medical Center can do the required examinations for a variety of certificates. You can count on them for examinations for EASA Class 1, EASA Class 2, and EASA LAPL and Drone. The examination will consist of filling out a medical history form, after which you will receive a general physical examination. During this examination, the aeromedical examiner will do a vision check and check for early signs of a number of medical problems. In order for the whole exam to go as smoothly as possible, you should bring the correct documentation as well as your prescription for glasses, should you have any.

Visit the examiner at a time that suits you best

Another advantage of choosing Sky Medical Center as your aeromedical examiner is its convenient location. They are located near Eindhoven Airport, so you can visit them after, before or between flights to and from this airport. Next to that, you can often even get an appointment on the same day. So should extra time happen to open up and you need your medical examination soon, it is definitely worth it to call them and check for a time slot.