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Buying a robot vacuum cleaner: what should you look for?

The past year has seen a clear trend in the field of vacuum cleaners: automatic vacuum cleaners that provide clean floors without the physical strength of humans. These so-called robotic vacuum cleaners come in large numbers. From specific brands, dozens of models have been put on the market, all with different features. But what are the things to look out for when buying a robot vacuum cleaner? In this blog I will explain the most important features you should look for!

Look at the type of cleaning route

The first important tip I want to give you is to pay attention to the type of cleaning route. There are currently robot vacuums with two types of cleaning routes:

Random cleaning route: with a random cleaning route, the robot vacuum cleaner does not follow a set pattern.
Systematic cleaning route: when there is a systematic cleaning route, the vacuum cleaner keeps track of where it has gone. Also when the vacuum cleaner returns to the charging station in between.

Why it is important to pay attention to this? You will quickly notice that the price of a robot vacuum cleaner with a random route is much lower than a model with a systematic cleaning route. This is not surprising: with a random cleaning route, the vacuum may skip sections of floor. With a systematic route the robot vacuum cleaner does not forget a spot!

Check the maximum threshold height of the robot vacuum cleaner

Another important point to pay attention to when buying a robot vacuum cleaner is the maximum threshold height. In many cases the threshold height in a house varies from 0.5 to 2 centimetres. It certainly can’t hurt to measure the height of the thresholds in your own home. If a robot vacuum cleaner cannot cross the threshold, the cleaning will be limited to one room and that is of course a waste.

Go for a robot vacuum cleaner that fits your home in terms of maximum threshold height. This is always indicated in the product description. It is smart to also take thicker carpets into account as you will of course want them to be vacuumed as well.

Can the robot vacuum cleaner go under your furniture?

As you can see in the picture above, a robot vacuum cleaner can drive under furniture. In fact, this is one of the bigger advantages of a robot vacuum cleaner! It removes dust in places that are normally difficult for you to reach.

It is necessary to check the height of the robot vacuum cleaner! Tip: go around the house with the tape measure and measure the specific furniture where you expect the vacuum cleaner to clean. Don’t be afraid that very low furniture will cause problems for the robot vacuum cleaner: thanks to sensors under the hood of almost all models, these will be neatly avoided.

Pay attention to integration possibilities within a smart home

Of course we do not want to have to look for a new robot vacuum cleaner after a short period of time. It is therefore advisable to already take a look at the future. A smart home, also called a smart home, will undoubtedly become more popular in the coming years. Currently, there are already robot vacuum cleaners that are made for this: for example, you can connect them to smart speakers to control the vacuum cleaner with speech.

Eziclean is one of the most innovative robot vacuum cleaners out there. Impeccable cleaning with a robotic vacuum cleaner that you can connect to WiFi and an app. So you are ready for the future and all the other smart home technologies.