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Are you a real prankster? Then read this way to really prank someone!

Are you the fun of the house, do you always like to joke or are you a real prankster? Then you should be happy that April 1 is just around the corner! It’s the day to prank your best friend’s teacher. Is everyone tired of all your jokes? Or do you think it’s time to get some new inspiration yourself? Then read on if you want the nicest and most comprehensive ways to prank your boyfriend, girlfriend, your children, or others. Good luck!

Jokes for work

Of course, since everyone is working from home more often these days, it will be more difficult for you to prank your colleagues in the office. However, April 1 is the perfect time to prank your colleagues! Is office life a bit boring sometimes? Don’t worry, April 1 is getting closer and closer. But what are some funny office jokes you can make with your colleagues? Post-its, who still uses them these days? Invest in a few post-it packs and glue someone’s entire desk, including the chair, all the way to the bottom. It will take a while before they are all removed, but your colleague will be completely surprised! Or connect a wireless mouse to a colleague’s computer when they are not looking. The computer now has two mice! Send them a personal message or let the music play with the mouse you have on your desk. Grab your chance and drive your colleagues crazy!

Jokes for home

If you have a lampshade in your house, this is a great April Fools’ Day joke. You cut the silhouette of, for example, a cockroach, earwig, silverfish or spider from paper, and stick it in the lampshade. When it’s dark and the lights come on, it looks like there’s a huge insect in the lamp. That is certainly scary, but certainly makes for a real laugh! Or how funny is it when you fool someone with an anonymous sms message! You can send a funny message to someone in the house via an anonymous sms message and then pay close attention to his or her reaction. You can make your anonymous SMS as crazy as you want!