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America bans most popular e-cigarette 'Juul'

The FDA has completely banned the sale of Juul Labs e-cigarettes. The company was unable to provide conclusive evidence that the e-cigarettes, on balance, provide a public health benefit, leading the FDA to withdraw its permission to sell these products.

E-cigarettes were on the rise a few years ago, as they were presented as a better alternative to smoking cigarettes or other smoking materials. They contain no tobacco, but often contain nicotine.

The FDA had to find out if these products help people quit smoking. If so, then the benefits for existing smokers should also outweigh the health damage in new e-cigarette users.


Young people

The FDA states that many young people in the US have started ‘vaping’, as smoking e-cigarettes is called, due to the rise of major players on the market such as Juul. The FDA found the data provided by Juul Labs for the study to be incomplete and sometimes contradictory, the agency reports. All of the brand’s products are now banned in the US. Stores that still have Juul products should remove them.

Vaping is also under fire in the Netherlands, partly due to concerns about its popularity among young people. From July 1, it is prohibited to sell e-cigarettes with flavors such as strawberry ice cream, mango or hazelnut paste.

The e-cigarette was already banned in 37 countries in 2021, and more and more countries have been added since then. The sale and import of the e-cigarette was banned in Mexico three weeks ago, but retailers are still allowed to sell their existing stock.E liquid store from mr-joy.comfor more information. In Singapore, not only is the trade in e-cigarettes prohibited, but also the possession of them. Anyone who is guilty of trading or possessing the product risks a prison sentence of up to six months or a fine of approximately 6800 euros.


Ban regular cigarettes

Singapore is also considering a New Zealand ban on regular cigarettes. New Zealand announced a new law in December last year, which will raise the minimum age for buying cigarettes by one year each year. The minimum age for buying cigarettes there is now 14, meaning anyone who is now 14 or younger will be too young to buy cigarettes for the rest of their lives.