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A Hardness Tester Range for Varied Applications

Different materials have varying degrees of hardness, which refers to resistance to permanent indentation from an applied force. A hardness tester is a device that measures how a material responds to localised penetration by an indenter. The testing machine provides an empirical evaluation of certain qualities, such as wear resistance, strength and ductility. In most cases, the machine indents the material by applying a predetermined amount of force for a particular time. Testers are not all the same, which means the measuring process is not either. Six main hardness tests exist – Brinell, Vickers, Mohs, Shore, Rockwell and Knoop. The type of material to test determines the appropriate device to use. A material’s expected hardness, density, brittleness, flatness and smoothness are several factors to consider when choosing a tester. Innovatest provides four main kinds of testers – Vickers, Knoop, Rockwell and Brinell. A closer look at each one explains how they work. Our product range also includes universal testers. All hardness testers are up to ASTM and ISO standards.

What are the benefits of a hardness tester?

Hardness testers are instruments that measure hardness, which is a material’s resistance to plastic deformation from an indentor. The hardness of a material is important to determine because it is an indication of the material’s strength and what it is capable of. Hardness testers are used in a variety of industries, including metallurgy, engineering, and quality control. There are several different types of hardness testers, each of which uses a different method to measure hardness. The most common type of hardness tester is the Rockwell hardness tester. This type of hardness tester uses a penetrator that is forced into the surface of the material being tested. The depth of penetration is then measured to determine the hardness of the material. Other types of hardness testers include Brinell hardness testers and Vickers hardness testers.