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3 tips to help you find inspiration for your next blog

One of the biggest challenges for bloggers is to come up with new blog topics on a regular basis. Coming up with a good idea is already half the battle. But where do you get your blog inspiration for interesting topics?

Sometimes you are bursting with ideas and have enough blog inspiration, but sometimes you have writer’s block. Then there is simply no good text from your pen, let alone a good title or good topic to write about. Use the tips below for more blog inspiration.

1. Follow the news within your industry

News sources within your industry are your best blog friend! They know what’s new in your field and therefore what’s interesting to blog about. Sign up for blogs and newsletters, and check out websites of other companies in your industry. Make the information relevant to your audience and never just copy something because then it quickly becomes plagiarism. For your daily dose of inspiration, visit www.nextinspiration.nl.

2. Involve colleagues for more inspiration!

Why should you be the only one in your company to come up with topics and write blogs? It is also not at all useful if only 1 person is appointed to blog. The greater the risk that this person will quickly run out of inspiration and write boring, uninspiring blogs. Put out a document internally in which you ask employees to contribute to interesting topics. What problems or questions do they face from customers? Do specialists in the company have any good ideas? Or brainstorm with each other about the pain points, solutions or barriers that your buyer personas experience. Who knows, maybe a colleague has a brilliant idea or addition for a blog!

3. Come up with a new angle on existing content

Read the blogs of other specialists in your field. Maybe they have a point of view that you don’t agree with and that you can respond to with your own blog. Perhaps you can approach the same subject from a different angle or deepen your understanding of a particular topic. For example, take a critical look at your own existing blogs: maybe you suddenly come up with a brilliant angle that you previously neglected or you have gained new insight into your subject. Of course, you don’t have to use only existing blogs. You can of course also look at e-books or whitepapers that you (or someone else) has written. You’re sure to get another interesting blog out of these!